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Additional Tour Resources

Introduction to Science of the Cornell Electron Storage Ring

  • From Quarks to the Cosmos: A Virtual Tour of LEPP — A virtual tour of Wilson Lab, including the CLEO Detector and the Cornell Electron Storage Ring in operation from 1979 to 2008. Stops along the tour include the Cornell Electron Storage Ring, the CLEO particle detector and the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source.


Cross-sectional view of the CLEO particle detector. (left)
View of accelerator tunnel with CESR and the Synchrotron. (right)

  • A Brief Introduction to Particle Physics — This article, written by LEPP Senior Research Associate Dr. Nari Mistry, provides readers with a thoughtful overview of particle physics and introduces them to the sophisticated tools used by scientists to both create and observe these fundamental constituents of our universe.

The Wilson Lab Theme Song

Want a fun and catchy way to explain what Wilson Lab does? Try listening to our very own theme song! Written by Ray Wall, this tune will (literally) drum up excitement for the atom-smashing work researchers do here at Wilson Lab.