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REU 2014 Projects

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Bill Schaff Rose Baunach Molecular beam epitaxial growth and characterization of engineered novel photocathodes
Jared Maxson Timothy Harbison A Next generation high brightness, high voltage photoemission gun
Steve Full Bryce Fore Modeling of the ion phenomena in the high intensity electron beam frontier
Adam Bartnik Alexander Sun Advanced adaptive laser shaping to minimize beam emittance
Matthias Liepe Arielle Balthazard Measurement of the microwave surface impedance of superconductors with spatial resolution
Kiran Sonnad Lillian Pentecost Electron cloud and simulation of its effect on the dynamics of positron beams
Jim Crittenden,
John Sikora
Dante Lozzo Investigations of Electron Trapping with the CESR Test Accelerator
Yulin Li Savanna Starko Simulation of Vacuum Chamber Conditioning Using a One-dimensional Gas Flow Continuity Method for CESR South Arc Upgrade
Zhi Zhao Cameron Saylor Fiber laser pump for optical parametric oscillation for beam applications
Sam Posen Sarah Meyers SRF Material Parameter Calculations
Richard Gillilan Yuexia Lin Gold nanospheres in protein x-ray solution scattering: modeling and data processing
Ralf Eichhorn Colin Egerer Design and Optimization of the Symmetric Power Coupler for Superconducting Cavities
Walter Hartung,
Kiran Sonnad
Sean Foster Characterization of Surface Phenomena that Produce Electron Clouds in Particle Accelerators

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