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2014 REU Online Application Form

The REU program is open, by NSF regulation, only to US citizens and permanent residents. If accepted, you will be required to show proof of citizenship or permanent residency. This CLASSE program is intended primarily for sophomore and junior students in science and engineering. In exceptional cases first year students could have enough familiarity with physics, engineering, or computer science to profit from their research experience. Students who have not yet enrolled as undergraduates and students who will have a Bachelors degree by the summer of 2014 are not eligible according to NSF regulations. First offers will be made by March 3, 2014. If accepted, you will have to show proof of health insurance coverage for the period of the REU Program.

Your application should include:

  • A complete online application form (below), which includes a personal statement describing your experience, skills, interests and goals, and what aspect of the research at CLASSE is of special interest to you, are required.
  • An electronic transcript from your university (a scanned copy is acceptable, however we may request an original at a later time); two (electronic) letters of recommendation from individuals, at least one from a professor, who are familiar with your potential for research. These supporting documents can be submitted via email to: CLASSE REU. Applications completed after midnight EST Sunday, February 2, 2014 may not be considered.

For further information, please send email inquiries to the CLASSE REU program coordinator.



To initiate your application, please use the following online form.

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