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First Beam through ERL Injector

For the first time, on July 8, a beam of electrons was accelerated through the prototype injector of the Energy Recovery Linac (ERL) at Cornell University. The ERL is a proposed new accelerator dedicated to x-ray science where the x-rays are produced by causing high energy electrons to be bent by strong magnetic fields. (For details on the ERL, click on this link).

The ERL will produce extremely intense and very short pulses of electrons at a final energy of 5 billion electron volts (5 GeV). The injector is the first stage of the accelerator. It is comprised of a photocathode gun where the electrons are created followed by a cryomodule of 5 superconducting RF cavities which supply an initial acceleration to the electron beam. When in full operation, the cryomodule will be unique in that it is designed to be on continuously (CW) and will be capable of accelerating a beam current of 100 mA at a power of ½ megawatt. All components of the cryomodule were built by the SRF group at Cornell.