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2006 REU participants with Professor Rich Galik.

Undergraduate Physics Majors Participate in Cornell's LEPP Summer Research Projects

The LEPP REU program has been in existence since 1998 with a total of over 150 participants. It is enriched substantially by contributions from the Physics Department at Wayne State University, the CLEO Collaboration, and the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source (CHESS). In fact, six of the students were selected through the Wayne State REU program. For more detail see The full list of REU participants and projects.

Each student works individually with an experienced researcher on his or her project and must produce a written report as to the results of their project. In addition, during the last week of the program, each student gives a 20 minute oral presentation to the entire group. Student response to the program has been quite enthusiastic as exemplified by the following quotes: Randall Cates from Wayne State University stated "I did a lot of hands-on work, so seeing what I've learned in textbooks and classes put to good use was very exciting". Michael Rosenman from Carnegie Mellon University said "I find the work being done at Cornell to be very interesting, so being able to contribute to it helped me appreciate how involved these projects are. I find the field of particle physics even more exciting now".

On August 2-nd of this year, NSF director Arden Bement visited the laboratory. During his visit, he met with REU student Elise Novitski from Yale University whose research project involved studies of superconducting accelerating cavities for the Cornell ERL light source.

For more information, visit the LEPP REU homepagae