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Winter-Spring 2015

Date Speaker Institution Title Hosts
Fri Feb 20th Yuri Gershtein Rutgers Illuminating New Physics at the LHC with the Higgs Boson Poster, Slides Anders Ryd
Thu July 2nd 2:00pm Yannis Semertzidis KAIST A storage ring proton EDM experiment: the most sensitive CP-violation probe Poster Richard Talman
Fri Feb 27th open      
Fri Mar 6th No JC   (Analysis workshop)  
Fri Mar 13th Bogdan Wojtsekhowski Jefferson Lab Measurement of the Isotropy of the Maximum Attainable Speed Poster, Slides David Rubin
Fri Mar 20th 11:30am Benjamin Carlson CMU Search for stealth supersymmetry at the LHC Poster, Slides Anders Ryd
Wed Mar 25th 11:00am Brian Calvert Maryland Searches for top squark pair production at 8 TeV with the CMS detector Poster Anders Ryd
Fri Mar 27th open      
Fri Apr 3rd No JC   (Spring Break)  
Fri Apr 10th Zigmund Kermish Princeton Cosmology from great heights: measuring CMB polarization from the Chilean Andes and a stratospheric balloon with POLARBEAR and SPIDER Poster, Slides Michael Niemack
Fri Apr 17th open      
Fri Apr 24th open      
Fri May 1st 3:00pm 120 PSB David Spergel Princeton What have we learned from the CMB? What more can it tell us? Poster Michael Niemack

Fall 2015

Date Speaker Institution Title Hosts
Fri Aug 28th open      
Fri Dec 4th open      
Fri Sep 4th No JC   (starts Labor Day weekend)  
Fri Sep 11th TBD   Dark Photons Jim Alexander
Fri Sep 18th open      
Fri Sep 25th open      
Fri Oct 2nd open      
Fri Oct 9th No JC   (starts Fall Break weekend)  
Fri Oct 16th open      
Fri Oct 23rd open      
Fri Oct 30th open      
Fri Nov 6th open      
Fri Nov 13th open      
Fri Nov 20th open      
Fri Nov 27th No JC   (Thanksgiving)