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Particle Theory Seminars

Seminars are normally held Wednesdays at 1:30 pm in Newman Lab 311.

For more information, please contact Giacomo Cacciapaglia (

Fall 2004: program

September, 1  

Ari Pakman (Hebrew U., Jerusalem),
Superstrings in curved noncompact backgrounds

September, 8  

Steven J. Oliver (Berkeley),
Late Time Neutrino masses, the CMB and LSND

September, 15  

Damien Easson (Syracuse U.),
General modifications of gravity and cosmic acceleration

September, 17, Friday

Note time: 12:30!
Shyamoli Chaudhuri (),
Holography and String Thermodynamics

September, 22  

Seong Chan Park (KIAS, Seoul),
Black holes/rings at colliders

September, 29  

Tim Tait (Fermilab),
Running into New Territory of SUSY Parameter Space

October, 1, Friday

Note time: 12:30!
Moshe Rozali (British Columbia U.),
Cosmological Production of Winding Strings

October, 6  

Note special time: 3pm!

Frank Petriello (Johns Hopkins),
High Precision QCD at Hadron Colliders

October, 8, Friday

Note time: 12:30!
Massimo Porrati (New York U),
Effective Field Theory Approach to Cosmological Initial Conditions

October, 13  POSTPONED to Oct. 22

- NO seminar

October, 20  

Guido Marandella (LANL),

Predictive models of supersymmetry and electroweak symmetry breaking by a compact extra dimension

October, 22, Friday

Note time: 12:30!

Liam McAllister  (Stanford U),
Open String Corrections to D-brane Dynamics

October, 27  

Gilad Perez (UC Berkeley),

Twisted Split Fermions: on Flavour Physics and a Tiny Strong CP Phase

November, 3  

Robert Brandenberger (McGill & Brown U.),

Challenges for String Gas Cosmology

November, 10  

Indrajit Mitra  (Berkeley),
String Creation in Cosmologies with a varying dilaton

November, 17  

Keith Dienes (Arizona U.),
A String Theorist Tampers with the Laws of Thermodynamics

November, 24  

No seminar,
Thanksgiving break

December, 1  

Ben Lillie (Stanford),
Higgs phenomenology in Left-Right symmetric Randall-Sundrum Models

December, 8  

S. G. Rajeev (U. of Rochester),

Yangian Symmetries in Yang-Mills Theories