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Particle Theory Seminars

Seminars are normally held Wednesdays at 1:30 pm in Newman Lab 311.

For more information, please contact Girma Hailu (
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Fall 2006

August 18 ( FRIDAY 12:30)  

Timothy Hollowood (Swansea U., UK),
N=4 Thermodynamics, Blackholes and Bose-Einstein Condensation  

September 6  

Eugene Dynkin (Department of Mathematics, Cornell U.),
Lie Groups and Physics - A Personal Perspective  

September 13   

Spencer Chang (New York U.),
Nonstandard Higgs Phenomenology and SUSY Searches  

September 20   

David Shih (Princeton U.),
Dynamical SUSY Breaking in Metastable Vacua  

September 27   

Zackaria Chacko (Univ. of Arizona),
Folded Supersymmetry and the LEP Paradox  

October 6 ( FRIDAY 12:30)  

Alex Friedland (Los Alamos Lab.),
Neutrino Signatures of Supernova Turbulence  

October 11   

Emanuel Katz
(Boston U.),
Holography and QCD  

October 18   

Michael Peskin
A Particle Physicist Looks at Dark Matter  

October 25   

Sergei Dubovsky
(Harvard U.),
Higgs Phases of Gravity and Black Hole Thermodynamics  

October 27 ( FRIDAY 12:30)  

Changrim Ahn (Ewha Women's U., S. Korea),
Nonperturbative Effects of Super-Liouville Theory and Matrix Models

November 1   

Raghavendra Srikanth (Harish-Chandra Res. Inst., India),
Bilarge Neutrino Mixing and Lepton Number Violation in Supersymmetric Models  

November 3 ( FRIDAY 12:30)  

James Sparks (Harvard U.),
Einstein Geometry and Conformal Field Theory  

November 8   

Philip Argyres (Univ. of Cincinnati),
Frictional Forces in Strongly Coupled SuperYang-Mills Plasmas 

November 10 ( FRIDAY 12:30)  

Liam McAllister (Princeton U.),
Inflaton Potentials from D-branes in Conical Spaces  

November 15   

André LeClair (Cornell U.),
Quantum Critical Spin Liquids: Applications to the 3D Ising Model and High T_c Superconductivity  

November 17 ( FRIDAY 12:30)  

Federico Urban (Ferrara U., Italy),
Baryogenesis below the TeV Scale 

November 22   

<a No talk, Thanksgiving week

November 29   

Andrei Starinets (Perimeter Inst.),

Dual Gravity Approach to Near-Equilibrium Processes in Strongly Coupled Gauge Theories  

December 1 ( FRIDAY 12:30)  

Ken Olum (Tufts U.),

Cosmic String Loops  

December 6   

Tuhin Roy (Boston U.),

Can we see Unification at the LHC?