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Particle Theory Seminars

Seminars are normally held Wednesdays at 1:30 pm in Newman Lab 311.

For more information, please contact Giacomo Cacciapaglia (

Spring 2005

January, 20, Thursday

Note special date!
Anastasia Volovich (Santa Barbara, KITP),
QCD amplitudes and String Theory

January, 26  

Freddy Cachazo (Princeton, IAS),
New Techniques in Perturbative Gauge Theories: Tree and One-loop Calculations

January, 28, Friday

Note time: 12:30!
Konstantin Matchev (Florida U.),
Discovery and Identification of Physics Beyond the Standard Model
in Collider and Astroparticle Experiments

February, 2  

Kaustubh Agashe (Johns Hopkins),
Warped Compactification: Flavor, Unification and Dark Matter

February, 4, Friday

Note time: 1:30!

Tilman Plehn (CERN),
Measuring the MSSM Lagrangean

February, 9  

David Rainwater (Rochester U.),

Pseudo-axions in Little Higgs Models

February, 11, Friday

Note time: 12:30!
Michael Graesser (Caltech),

Density Perturbations, Inflation and
the Cosmological Constant

February, 16  

No seminar!

February, 18, Friday

Note time: 12:30!
Aaron Pierce (SLAC),
The Cosmology of Split Supersymmetry

February, 23  

Sean Fleming (UC San Diego),
J/Psi Production in e+ e- Annihilation at s = (10.6 GeV)^2.

February, 24, Thursday

Note time: 1:30!
Marcus Spradlin (UCSB),
Aspects of the Gauge/Gravity Correspondence

March, 2  

Amihay Hanany (MIT),

Quivers for Metrics

March, 9  

No seminar!

March, 16  

No seminar!

March, 23  

No seminar: Spring Break!

March, 30  

Note time: 3:00!
Mithat Unsal (Boston U.),
Dualities in Large Nc Gauge Theories

April, 6  

Matthew Nobes (Cornell U),

Applications of Perturbation Theory in High Precision Lattice QCD

April, 13  

No seminar!

April, 20  

Maulik K. Parikh (Columbia U),
Symmetry vs. Entropy in de Sitter Space

April, 27  

Alessio Notari (McGill)

The Expansion Rate in an Inhomogeneus Universe

May, 4  

Note special time: 12:30!
Josh Erlich (Williams and Mary)
QCD and Hidden Local Symmetry from the AdS/CFT Correspondence

May, 6, Friday

Note time: 12:30!
Jim Cline (McGill),
Aspects of Brane-antibrane Inflation

May, 11  

Fumihiro Takayama (UC Irvine),
SuperWeakly Interacting Massive Particle