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Particle Theory Seminars

Seminars are normally held Wednesdays at 1:30 pm in Newman Lab 311.

For more information, please contact Girma Hailu (
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Spring 2007

January 24   

Girma Hailu (Cornell U.),
Structures in the Gauge/Gravity Duality with N=1 Supersymmetry  

January 31  

Allan Adams (MIT),
Hijacking LIGO: Strings, Dark Matter and Modified Gravity  

February 7   

Christopher Herzog (Washington U.),
Energy Loss of a Quark from AdS/CFT  

February 9 ( FRIDAY 12:30)  

Oleg Lunin (Univ. of Chicago),
Gravitational Description of Wilson Lines  

February 14   

Johannes Walcher (IAS),
Potentials of String Theory  

February 21   

Cristian Armendariz-Picon (Syracuse U.),
Do Quantum Excitations of the Inflaton Decay? 

February 28   

Dejan Stojkovic (Case Western Reserve U.),
Black Hole Formation, Evaporation and the Information Loss Problem  

March 2 ( FRIDAY 12:30)  

Matthew Schwartz (Johns Hopkins U.),
Jets, Effective Field Theory, and the LHC  

March 7   

Manuel Toharia (Syracuse U.),
Phenomenology of Dirac Leptogenesis  


Joseph Polchinski (KITP and UC Santa Barbara),
Cosmic String Loops and Gravitational Wave Signatures 

March 28   

Kaustubh Agashe (Syracuse U.),
Signals for Composite Higgs Models in Top and W/Z Physics 

March 30 ( FRIDAY 12:30)  

Ryuichiro Kitano (SLAC),
Sweet Spot Supersymmetry  

April 6 ( FRIDAY 12:30)  

Lawrence J. Hall (UC-Berkeley),
Landscape Predictions for Higgs Boson and Top Quark Masses 

April 18   

Justin Khoury (Perimeter Inst.),
Degravitation of the Cosmological Constant 

April 19 ( THURSDAY 12:00)   Joint Theory-Experimental Seminar

Sven Heinemeyer (CERN),
ILC - LHC Connections  

April 20( FRIDAY 12:30)  

Shufang Su (Arizona U.),
Twin Higgs: Collider Phenomenology and Dark Matter Implication 

April 25   

Yuval Grossman (Technion),
D-Dbar Mixing