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Spring 2008

Date Speaker Institution Title
Wed Jan 23 Girma Hailu LEPP (Cornell U.) Gravity Dual to Pure Confining Gauge Theory
Wed Mai 21 Aalok Misra IIT, Roorkee dS minimum without anti-D3 branes, axionic inflation, (non) supersymmetric black hole attractors and Swiss Cheese Calabi Yaus
Fri Jan 25 Cedric Delaunay CERN & Saclay Non-renormalizable Electroweak Symmetry Breaking
Wed Jan 30 Brian Batell Minnesota U. Elementary/composite mixing in Randall-Sundrum models (pdf)
Fri Feb 1 Jiajun Xu Cornell Duality Cascade in Brane Inflation (pdf)
Wed Feb 6 Ira Z. Rothstein Carnegie Mellon U. Smoking Guns for Light Resonances ( pdf)
Fri Feb 8 Spencer Chang NYU When Worlds Collide - The Cosmological Observables of Pre-inflationary Bubble Collisions (pdf) (youtube)
Wed Feb 13     Joint LHC experiment/theory meeting (Mrenna Top mass.pdf)
Fri Feb 22 Oliver M. DeWolfe Colorado A gravity dual of metastable dynamical supersymmetry breaking
Wed Feb 27 Claudio Rebbi Boston U. & Boston U., Ctr. Comp. Sci. Lattice QCD: current status and future perspectives (pdf)
Fri Feb 29 Takemichi Okui Johns Hopkins U. & Maryland U. Colored Resonances at the Tevatron: Phenomenology and Discovery Potential in Multijets (pdf)
Wed Mar 5 Ian Low Northwestern U. KK Parity in Warped Extra Dimension
Fri Mar 7 Damien George Melbourne U. Mem-brane world model building: Putting the standard model on a domain-wall brane
Wed Mar 12      
Wed Mar 19     Spring Break
Wed Mar 26 Michael Lublinsky SUNY, Stony Brook Heavy ion collisions: from relativistic hydrodynamics to AdS black holes and back again
Wed Mar 26 4.30pm     Joint LHC experiment/theory meeting
Wed Apr 2 Dan Hooper FNAL Dark matter annihilations in the WMAP sky
Fri Apr 4 Haim Goldberg Northeastern U. Direct photons as probes of low mass strings at the LHC
Wed Apr 9 Arvind Murugan Princeton Entanglement and Confinement
Fri Apr 11 Sohang Gandhi Cornell Maldacena Conjecture and Generalizations
Wed Apr 16      
Wed Apr 23 Johan Alwall SLAC Finding unexpected gluinos at the LHC (pdf)
Wed Apr 30 Andy Noble Cornell The Higgs Cubic and the Viability of Electroweak Baryogenesis (pdf)
Fri May 2 Thomas Creutzig DESY The boundary GL(1/1) WZNW model
| Fri May 23 | Satya Nandi | Oklahoma State | Unification and Flavor with Extra Dimensions (pdf) |