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Particle Theory Seminars

Spring 2010

Date Speaker Institution Title
Wed Jan 20      
Fri May 14 Brando Bellazzini Cornell The Buried Higgs (pdf)
Fri Jan 22      
Wed Jan 27      
Fri Jan 29      
Wed Feb 3 Jure Zupan CERN Global interpretation of direct dark matter searches
Fri Feb 5      
Wed Feb 10      
Fri Feb 12 Yong-Hui Qi Cornell Tsinghua A 5D Chern-Simons theory on warped space-time and detecting its topological anomalous couplings at the (pdf)
Wed Feb 17 Matt Reece Princeton Phenomenology of Gauge Mediation at the Tevatron and LHC (pdf)
Fri Feb 19 Yang Zhang Cornell Identities inside the Gluon and the Graviton Scattering Amplitudes (pdf)
Tue 4:00PM Feb 23 Tomer Volansky IAS Indirect Probes of the Dark Sector (pdf)
Wed Feb 24 Francesco Benini Princeton M5-branes wrapped on Riemann surfaces (pdf)
Fri Feb 26 Andrey Katz U. Maryland TBA
Wed Mar 3 Josh Ruderman Princeton Hiding the Higgs with Lepton Jets (pdf)
Fri Mar 5      
Wed Mar 10 Michele Papucci IAS PAMELA, Fermi and Indirect Detection of Dark Matter (pdf)
Fri Mar 12      
Wed Mar 17 Rouven Essig SLAC Probing GeV-scale Dark Forces with New Particle Experiments and Astrophysics (pdf)
Fri Mar 19      
Wed Mar 31 Timm Wrase Hannover U. On Classical dS Vacua in String Theory (pdf)
Fri Apr 2 Tracey Li Durham Phenomenology at neutrino oscillation experiments (pdf)
Wed Apr 7      
Fri Apr 9 Csaba Csaki Cornell EWSB from monopole condensation (pdf)
Wed Apr 14 John McGreevy MIT Holographic non-Fermi liquids: strange metals from black holes (pdf)
Fri Apr 16 Jing Shu IPMU New (theoretical?) Ideas in Dark Matter
Wed Apr 21 Keith Dienes NSF & Arizona U. Semper FI? Supercurrents, R-symmetries, and the Status of Fayet-Iliopoulos Terms in Supergravity (pdf)
Fri Apr 23 Xingang Chen Cambridge Primordial non-Gaussianities and Quasi-Single Field Inflation (pdf)
Tue Apr 27 at 1:30 Alejandro Cabo La Habana U. Can the particle mass spectrum be described within the Standard Model?
Wed Apr 28 Jonathan Heckman IAS Fuzzy Fenomenology (blackboard)
Thu Apr 29 at 1:30 Alejandro Cabo La Habana U. La2CuO4 insulator gap, AF structure and pseudogaps from spin-space entangled orbitals in the HF scheme (ppt)
Fri Apr 30 Yuhsin Tsai Cornell Warped penguins (pdf)
Wed May 5 Daniel Green IAS Desensitizing Inflation from the Planck Scale (pdf)
Fri May 7 Matt Baumgart Johns Hopkins TBA
Wed May 12 Adam Falkowski Rutgers U. Higgs Sematary (pdf)