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Particle Theory Seminars

Seminars are normally held in the Physical Sciences Building room 401 on Wednesdays at 2 pm and on Fridays at 12:30 pm (pizza at noon).

If there is no external speaker, the Friday seminar is used for the particle theory journal club with mostly local speakers. Click here for information to help speakers planning their trip to Ithaca. For more information please contact Eric Kuflik (, Sandipan Kundu (, or Katerina Malysheva (

Spring 2016

Date Speaker Institution Title
Fri Feb 5 Timm Wrase TU Vienna, ITP  

Fall 2015

Date Speaker Institution Title
Fri Dec 18 Zuhair Khandker Boston U.  
Wed Sept 2      
Fri Sept 4      
Wed Sept 9 Matthias König Mainz Exclusive Hadronic Decays of Electroweak Bosons in QCD Factorization Poster
Fri Sept 11      
Wed Sept 16 No Speaker    
Fri Sept 18 No Speaker    
Wed Sept 23      
Fri Sept 25 Jakub Scholtz Harvard Flooded Dark Matter and S Level Rise Poster
Wed Sept 30 Sandipan Kundu Cornell Causality Constraints in Conformal Field Theory Poster
Fri Oct 2 Peter Lepage Cornell High-Precision QCD Parameters from Lattice QCD Poster
Wed Oct 7 David E. Kaplan Johns Hopkins U A Cosmological Solution to the Hierarchy Problem Poster
Fri Oct 9 Matthias Neubert Mainz An Effective Field Theory for Jet Processes Poster
Wed Oct 14 Alexander Zhiboedov Harvard Looking for a bulk point Poster
Fri Oct 16      
Tue Oct 20 1:30pm Hitoshi Murayama UC Berkeley, LBNL, IPMU Goldstone Bosons Without Lorentz Invariance
Wed Oct 21 No Speaker    
Fri Oct 23 Dionysios Anninos IAS Quenched Quantum Quivers Poster
Wed Oct 28 Michael Dine UC Santa Cruz Stability in the Landscape Poster
Fri Oct 30 Min-Seok Seo IBS-CTPU, Korea Z'-portal for dark mesons in the SIMP scheme Poster
Wed Nov 4 Simon Knapen UC Berkeley Models and signatures for Neutral Naturalness Poster
Fri Nov 6 Yuri Shirman UC Irvine ADS superpotential: a round trip to 3 dimensions Poster
Wed Nov 11 Ciaran Williams SUNY Buffalo Precision predictions for VH, and implications for anomalous coupling searches Poster
Fri Nov 13 Nicolas Rey-Le Lorier Cornell University Elastically Decoupling Dark Matter: Completing the “Phase Diagram” of Thermal Relics Poster
Wed Nov 18 Matthew Low IAS Composite Spin-1 Resonances at the LHC Poster
Fri Nov 20 Francesco D'Eramo UC Santa Cruz Freeze-In Dark Matter with Displaced Signatures at Colliders Poster
Wed Nov 25 No Speaker   Thanksgiving Break
Fri Nov 27 No Speaker   Thanksgiving Break
Wed Dec 2      
Fri Dec 4 Finn Larsen Michigan U. Logarithmic corrections to Black Hole entropy Poster
Wed Dec 9 Eric Kuflik Cornell  
Fri Dec 11      
Wed Dec 16      

Spring 2015

Date Speaker Institution Title
Fri Jan 23      
Fri May 15 Stefan Schacht TTP Testing the SM with Charm CP Asymmetries Poster
Wed Jan 28 Alberto Parolini KAIST The Higgs as a Supersymmetric Nambu-Goldstone Boson Poster
Fri Jan 30 Prerit Jaiswal Syracuse University CANCELLED
Wed Feb 4 Seung J. Lee KAIST Searches for composite partners at the LHC: status and prospects Poster
Fri Feb 6 Eric Kuflik Cornell The Higgs Boson vs The Universe Poster
Tue Feb 10 3:30P PSB438 Daniel Harlow Princeton University Bulk Locality and Quantum Error Correction in AdS/CFT Poster
Wed Feb 11 Yuhsin Tsai UC Davis Hunting Dark Penguins at the LHC Poster
Fri Feb 13      
Wed Feb 18 Roberto Gobbetti Utrecht University Brane Dynamics and Unwinding Inflation Poster
Fri Feb 20      
Wed Feb 25 Kristan Jensen Stony Brook University A higher-dimensional g-theorem Poster
Fri Feb 27 Prerit Jaiswal Syracuse University Latest on the WW excess at the LHC Poster
Wed Mar 4 Daniele S. M. Alves NYU & Princeton Goldstone Gauginos Poster
Fri Mar 6 Reserved    
Wed Mar 11 R. Loganayagam IAS Fluids : Entropy, Eightfold way and Schwinger-Keldysh Effective theory Poster
Fri Mar 13      
Wed Mar 18 Jessica Goodman Ohio State New Calculations in Dirac Gaugino Models: Operators, Expansions, and Effects Poster
Fri Mar 20 No speaker   Graduate student event
Wed Mar 25 Sera Cremonini Texas A-M Holographic RG Flows and Intermediate Scalings Poster
Fri Mar 27      
Wed Apr 1 No speaker   Spring break
Fri Apr 3 No speaker   Spring break
Wed Apr 8 Tien-Tien Yu Stony Brook University Novel techniques for detecting sub-GeV dark matter Poster
Fri Apr 10 Samuel McDermott Stony Brook University The Galactic Center GeV Gamma-ray Excess: Have We Started to See Dark Matter? Poster
Wed Apr 15 David Pinner Princeton University Folded SUSY with a Twist Poster
Fri Apr 17 Tom Rudelius Harvard Constraints on Axion Inflation from the Weak Gravity Conjecture Poster
Wed Apr 22      
Fri Apr 24 Clay Córdova Harvard Weyl Anomalies of the 6d (2,0) Theory Poster
Wed Apr 29 Michael Geller Technion The Holographic Twin Higgs Poster
Thu Apr 30 1:30 PM, PSB 401 Suvrat Raju ICTS The Information Paradox and the Black Hole Interior in AdS/CFT Poster
Fri May 1 Kfir Blum IAS An Ultimate Target for Dark Matter Searches Poster
Wed May 6 Ben Heidenreich Harvard Exact solutions to matrix models in the strong coupling limit Poster
Fri May 8 Mario Martone Cincinnati Geometric constraints on the space of N=2 Conformal field theories Poster
Mon May 11 1:30pm Mihailo Backovic CP3 - UCL Strategy for Heavy New Physics Searches at the LHC Run II Poster
Wed May 13 Matthew Baumgart Carnegie Mellon De Sitter Wavefunctionals and the Resummation of Time Poster

Fall 2014

Date Speaker Institution Title
Wed Aug 27      
Fri Dec 12 Eric Braaten Ohio State University Making Sense of the XYZ Mesons from QCD Poster
Fri Aug 29      
Wed Sep 3 Joshua Berger SLAC Coloron-assisted Leptoquarks at the LHC Poster
Fri Sep 5 Ying Lin Harvard Little String Amplitudes (and the Unreasonable Effectiveness of 6D SYM) Poster
Wed Sep 10 Shmuel Nussinov Tel Aviv University Aspects of Various Forms of Dark Matter and Dark Photons Poster
Thurs Sep 11 (4pm in 438) Jim Halverson KITP *Note special time and place: Thursday 4pm in room 438* Non-Higgsable QCD Poster
Wed Sep 17      
Fri Sep 19      
Wed Sep 24 Reserved    
Fri Sep 26 Archana Anandakrishnan Ohio State University/Cornell yUnified GUTS in the era of the LHC Poster
Wed Oct 1 Timothy Cohen Princeton Soft-collinear Effective Theory for Heavy WIMP Annihilation Poster
Fri Oct 3 Julian Sonner MIT Exact Results for Entanglement and Renyi Entropies, and their Gravity Duals Poster
Wed Oct 8 Radovan Dermisek Indiana University Insensitive Unification of Gauge Couplings, Muon g-2 and Higgs Decays Poster
Fri Oct 10 Yosef Nir Weizmann Institute The Flavor of Higgs Poster
Wed Oct 15 Tanumoy Mandal Harish-Chandra Institute LHC Phenomenology of Exotic Fermions Poster
Fri Oct 17 Sachin Jain Cornell Unitarity, Crossing Symmetry and Duality of the S-matrix in Large N Chern-Simons Theories with Fundamental Matter Poster
Wed Oct 22 Anson Hook IAS Asymmetric Hawking Radiation: Baryogenesis from Hawking Radiation Poster
Fri Oct 24 Gauthier Durieux Université catholique de Louvain/Cornell Baryon Number Violation at the LHC Poster
Wed Oct 29 Mark Mezei MIT Entanglement Entropy of the Deformed Sphere Poster
Fri Oct 31      
Wed Nov 5 Andrew J. Larkoski MIT Soft Theorems from Effective Field Theory Poster
Fri Nov 7      
Wed Nov 12 Gordan Krnjaic Perimeter Institute Notes from Underground Poster
Fri Nov 14 Jack Kearney Fermilab A pNGB Higgs and Phenomenology of Naturalness Poster
Wed Nov 19 Aitor Lewkowycz Princeton Some Universal Results in CFT Renyi Entropies Poster
Fri Nov 21 John Terning UC Davis The Quantum Critical Higgs Poster
Tue Nov 25 Tanumoy Mandal Harish-Chandra Inst. LHC Phenomenology of Exotic Fermions *Note special time and day: Tuesday, 2pm*
Tue Nov 25 (2pm in 438) Kfir Blum IAS *CANCELED*
Wed Nov 26 No speaker   Thanksgiving break
Fri Nov 28 No speaker   Thanksgiving break
Wed Dec 3 Christopher Beem IAS Chiral Algebras from Superconformal Field Theories in Four and Six Dimensions Poster
Fri Dec 5      
Wed Dec 10 RESERVED    

Archive of previous seminars are available.