About LEPP

The F.R. Newman Laboratory for Elementary-Particle Physics (LEPP) is a research laboratory of the Cornell University Department of Physics engaged primarily in experimental and theoretical Elementary Particle Physics (EPP) and Accelerator Physics.

The primary source of support for LEPP research is the National Science Foundation.


LEPP is housed in two main buildings: Tours of Wilson Lab are available by appointment; call the Wilson Lab office at 607-255-4882 to make arrangements.


Prof. Maury Tigner, 324 Newman Laboratory
phone: 607 255-4951, mt52@cornell.edu
Assistant Director:
Prof. David Cassel, 114 Newman Laboratory
phone: 607 255-3915, dgc@lepp.cornell.edu
Executive Officer:
Ms. Betty J. ("B.J.") Bortz, 302 Wilson Lab
phone: 607 255-3733, bjb8@cornell.edu

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