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These groups are normally only accessible from within the lns.cornell.edu domain. Many of them are gatewayed from mailing lists. The "(archive)" link after each points to an HTML version in the restricted area of the web server (with the usual access restrictions). Also see:

Not all the groups listed below have any content--many were failed experiments, and many others are currently inactive. The "liveness" indications below were current as of Sep. 10, 2002.


LNS Newsgroups

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LNS announcements

LNS computer related newsgroups

The platform specific groups are of interest for software installation announcements.

LNS miscellaneous

Mostly external mailing lists gatewayed to local newsgroups.

CLEO NewsGroups

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CLEO announcements and administration

PTAs and other physics analysis topics

Due to changes in the PTA structure, the newsgroup name don't always match the content.

CLEO hardware

CLEO software

.linux and .minutes are active; the rest are historical. For other recent activity, see the CLEO III groups.



CESR newsgroups

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