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May 16, 2013 Spoke at IPAC 2013 on the use of Temperature Waves in Superconducting RF Research. (Download presentation)

A Brief Introduction

I am a graduate student studying physics and working with CLASSE - Cornell Laboratory for Accelerator-Based Sciences and Education. My focus is in superconducting radio frequency work, and I have been working with the group since Summer 2008.

Accelerator physics at Cornell interests me because there is a great deal of variety in the work. One has the the ability to work on simulations one day and perform experiments in the lab the next. This flexibility keeps the work moving quickly and helps to develop a large skill set useful for scientific inquiry.

My advisor in the SRF group is Matthias Liepe, and we are currently studying properties of niobium and working on the design for the main linac of Cornell's Energy Recovery Linac. In our group, I also work with other graduate students Yi Xie and Sam Posen.

I also have a profile on, an academic network, where I follow related research, and can connect with other scientists.


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