Star Date - July 20, 1969 - On the road with Alan Kelso.

by Mike Martens

Having coerced C.E Dunn into letting us take three days away from our rangering (back to back & crack to crack) we celebrated our freedom traveling to, and climbing, Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park.

By coincidence Apollo 11 was underway at the same time and their successful landing took place as we passed (CHQ bound) through Alamosa, CO.

We were able to follow the landing courtesy of a scratchy AM radio and, as we entered Alamosa from the north, we were able to hear the historic words “The eagle has landed” accompanied by the sounds of bells being rung by the local churches.

We were able to make it to Cimarron prior to the actual lunar excursion and Alan and I crowded around the b&w television at the St. James hotel to watch as Armstrong and Aldrin made their way out of the lander and onto the surface of the moon.

As emotional as that was the full import was not felt until moonrise two days later at Lovers Leap. As we (I and new outbound crew) were standing around the fire we could only stare at the moon and contemplate both the greatness of the achievement and the still vast expanse of God's creation.

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