Intensity frontier workshop charged lepton working group

Conveners: Brendan Casey, Yuval Grossman, Aaron Roodman


Latest version of the charged lepton writeup (v16, 2/13/2012)
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In the charged lepton section we will attempt to address the following questions:

What are the prospects of discovering new physics with charged leptons?
Which decays or interactions are most promising?
What level of precision is attainable?
What is the relation between electron, muon , and tau observables?
What is the relation between charged lepton physics and the LHC?
What is the relation between charged lepton physics and neutrinos?
What facilities are needed to reach the ultimate sensitivity for each observable?

Anyone wishing to attend one of the pre-meetings, suggest further questions, or provide their own answers should contact the conveners. .

Workshop format:

The charged lepton parallel sessions will include overview talks and discussion sessions centered on focusing questions.
They will take place Wed afternoon and all day Thursday. An overview of physics at the intensity frontier along with summaries from all working groups will be presented on Friday.


Charged lepton parallel
October 6 phone meeting , minutes
November 10 phone meeting

Documents from the community:

Lattice QCD and muon g-2 US QCD
The MOLLER Experiment: An Ultra-Precice Measurement of the Weak Mixing Angle using Parity-Violating Moller Scattering Krishna Kumar

Links to relevant documentation:

Physics at a future Neutrino Factory and super-beam facility (see section 7)
Flavour physics of leptons and dipole moments , (arXiv)
New Physics at a Super Flavor Factory
Belle II TDR
Super B progress reports Physics , Detector , Collider

If we are missing something, email us!

Links to info on relevant experiments:

JLab MOLLER experiment
Belle (II) tau physics
Muon g-2 (at Fermilab)
Muon g-2 (at JPARC)
DeeMe (at JPARC)
Mu2e (at Fermilab)
COMET ( mu to e conversion at JPARC)
PRISM/PRIME ( next generation mu to e conversion at JPARC)
Project X muon white paper (PRISM/PRIME at Fermilab)
mu to eee at PSI

If we are missing something, email us!

Links to relevant facilities:

Cabibbo Lab
If we are missing something, email us!