The P7661 "Special Topics: Flavor Physics" will be broadcast online over the EVO network. This note contains instructions for remote users to access and record these lectures.


For those who are already EVO experts, the key information is as follows:

Room Title: P7661

Password: flavor


Room open: 2:30 EST -- 5:00 EST

(Class is from 2:55 -- 4:30)





EVO is an infrastructure for video conferencing. The client is java-based and runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux.


To get started, go to the EVO webpage:


(1) If you are not already an EVO user, please register by clicking the appropriate link. (Do this ahead of time!)


(2) Once you're registered, log in using the "Koala" java client by clicking "Start EVO" on the EVO main page. This will download a java program (koala.jnlp) that should automatically run.


(3) Follow the on-screen instructions to log in with your registration information. You will be brought to the main index.


(4) From here you can find an index of reserved rooms that are open. Our class will be in the room title "P7661" with password "flavor". It will open each Tuesday and Friday at 2:30pm EST. If you are having trouble finding the room, you can also go to "meetings" on the menu bar to search for it. Make sure you are searching the entire "universe" community.


(5) Once you're in the room you should be able to use the Koala client to view the streaming video from the lecture room. (We might not turn on the video feed until 2:45pm.)


*PLEASE* make sure all of your outgoing video, outgoing audio, and whiteboard  are all TURNED OFF (from the EVO client. You are welcome to un-mute to ask questions, but please leave our mics *off* by default to avoid echoes.


(6) If you would like to record the lecture, use the "Rec" button in the room. (You may have to make the window bigger if you can't see this button.) Pick a file name and location to save the file and press the red button to record.  Note that these lectures will only be viewable through the EVO recording player (available on the main evo webpage). Please do not make these recordings available publicly.





* EVO also has a new Skype gateway that allows you to attend EVO meetings through Skype. The instructions are on the EVO webpage and other students have reported success using this method.


* For technical support: e-mail Flip at pt267. Alternately, a student will be monitoring the EVO text-based chat during the lecture in case there are any technical problems (e.g. video feed is down). One can use the "alarm" button to get the attention of the student in charge.