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Education and Outreach at LEPP


Enrichment programming at local schools

The public outreach mission of the Laboratory for Elementary-Particle Physics is to increase the scientific literacy of the community by cultivating excitement and understanding in the realm of physical science. The outreach program bridges the scientific community to the general public through the distribution of educational materials, the sponsoring of various physics related events and by providing meaningful side-by-side interactions to students of all ages in an effort to foster life-long learning.

New in 2011

In the past year, under our new name "Xraise", we have expanded in exciting ways. We now have a workshop, classroom, and exhibit space, the "eXploration station" which has already facilitated teacher professional development, a summer camp for kids, an afterschool program, and the prototyping of many new exhibits, demonstrations, and activities.

Upcoming Events

Do you love to see physical phenomena that you've never seen before--gases illuminated by the energy of invisible electromagnetic waves, light energy turned into sound energy by the motion of your hand, electricity made by using your body as the electrolyte? And what if you discovered that these phenomena could be captured using only common everyday items? Check out our Facebook page (below) to find out when you might catch these and the many other physics exhibits made by the GIAC JunkGenies of Science!

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