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Fall 2008

Date Speaker Institution Title
Wed Aug 13 Jose Cembranos Minnesota U. Gravitational dark matter
Fri Dec 7 Heather Logan Carleton Higgs couplings and model discrimination
Wed Sep 3 Seung J. Lee Stony Brook Top jets and boosted QCD jets at the LHC (pdf)
Fri Sep 5 Jay Hubisz Syracuse Missing energy look-a-likes at the LHC (pdf)
Wed Sep 10 Christian Sturm BNL Results in QED: Analytical five-loop contributions to the muon anomaly
Wed Sep 17 Diego Hofman Princeton Conformal Collider Physics (pdf)
Thu Sep 18     Joint LHC experiment/theory meeting
Tue Sep 23, 4.30pm Matthias Neubert Mainz U. TBA
Wed Sep 24 Adam Leibovich Pittsburgh U. Hunting for Charming Penguins (pdf)
Fri Sep 26 Marcus Berg Stockholm U. Recent Progress in Orientifold Effective Actions
Wed Oct 1 Witek Skiba Yale U. Low scale gaugino mediation and its LHC signatures (pdf)
Wed Oct 8      
Thu Oct 9     Joint LHC experiment/theory meeting
Wed Oct 15      
Fri Oct 17 Enrico Pajer Cornell Non-Gaussianity from Single Field Beyond Slow Roll
Wed Oct 22 Antonio Delgado Notre Dame U. Higgs-Unparticle Interplay (pdf)
Fri Oct 24 Peter Lepage Cornell High precision lattice QCD: challenging the standard model? ( pdf)
Wed Oct 29 Andreas Kronfeld Fermilab The f_{D_s} Puzzle (pdf)
Thu Oct 30     Joint LHC experiment/theory meeting
Fri Oct 31 Rachel Bean Cornell Observing non-Gaussianity
Wed Nov 5 David Poland Harvard The Dark Top (pdf)
Fri Nov 14 Monika Blanke TU Munich Flavour Physics in a Warped Extra Dimension with Custodial Protection
Wed Nov 19 Jesse Thaler LBL, Berkeley Dark Matter through the Axion Portal
Thu Nov 20     Joint LHC experiment/theory meeting
Wed Dec 3 Eric Poppitz Toronto U. Lattice chirality and the Eichten-Preskill dream
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