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Particle Theory Seminars

Seminars are normally held Wednesdays at 1:30 pm in Newman Lab 311.

For more information, please contact Giacomo Cacciapaglia (
Click here for information to help speakers planning their trip to Ithaca.

Spring 2006

January, 25  

Justin Poritz (U. of Cincinnati),
New gravity duals in M-theory  

February, 1  

No seminar!  

February, 3  

Friday: 12:30pm!

Michele Redi (New York U),
Cosmic D-strings as Axionic D-term strings

February, 8  

Iosif Bena (IAS, Princeton),
String Theory, QCD and Black Holes  

February, 10  

Friday: 12:30pm!

Florian Gmeiner (Max Planck Institute, Muenchen),
Statistics of a type II orientifold  

February, 15  

No seminar!

February, 17  

Friday: 12:30pm!

Andrei Kataev (INR, Moscow & IAS, Princeton),
High order QED corrections to (g-2)_mu:
the renormalization-group inspired estimates vs results of explicite calculations  

February, 22  

No seminar!

February, 24  

Friday: 12:30pm!

Xavier Garcia (ECM, Barcelona U.),

Radiative Upsilon decays  

February, 27  

Monday: 2:30pm!

Johannes Walcher (IAS, Princeton),


March, 1  

No seminar!

March, 2  

Thursday: 1:30pm!

Yuval Grossman (Technion),
Soft Leptogenesis  

March, 8  

Taizan Watari (UC Berkeley),
Dimension-4 Proton Decay, Yukawa Couplings

and Underlying Gauge Symmetry in String Theory  

March, 10  

Friday: 12:30pm!

Alex Kagan (U. of Cincinnati),

Low scale bosonic technicolor and colored resonances at the TeVatron  

March, 15  

Alexey Petrov (Wayne State U.),

Heavy meson molecules in effective theory  

March, 17  

Friday: 12:30pm!

Andreas Karch (Washington U, Seattle),

Linear Confinement from AdS/QCD  

March, 22  

No seminar: Spring Break

March, 29  

Ryuichiro Kitano (SLAC),
A Natural Supersymmetric Standard Model  

April, 5  

Sergei Lukyanov (Rutgers U.),
Circular brane model and Coulomb charging at large conduction  

April, 12  

Hooman Davoudiasl (U. of Wisconsin),
Implications of Neutrino Mass Generation from QCD Confinement  

April, 14  

Friday: 12:30pm!

Chris Hill,
Physical Implications of Chern-Simons Terms in D=5 Yang-Mills Theories  

April, 19  

Axel Krause (Harvard & Texas A&M),
Multi Brane Cosmology  

April, 26  

Minxin Huang (U. of Wisconsin),
Non-Gaussianities in string inflation  

April, 28  

Friday: 12:30pm!

Christopher Lee (Washington U, Seattle),
Universality of Nonperturbative Effects in Event Shapes from SCET  

May, 3  

Michele Papucci (Berkeley),
Next to Minimal Flavor Violation & the LHC  

May, 10  

Philip Mannheim (U. of Connecticut),
Dark Matter and Dark Energy - Fact or Fiction?