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Particle Theory Seminars

Spring 2009

Date Speaker Institution Title
Wed Jan 14 Mike Mulligan Stanford U. & SLAC Holography and Dynamical Critical Phenomena
Fri May 1 David Andriot LPTHE Paris Twist duality for flux backgrounds of type II and heterotic String Theory from Generalized Complex Geometry (pdf)
Wed Jan 21 Shamayita Ray Tata Inst. RG evolution of neutrino masses and mixing in Type-III seesaw
Wed Jan 28 Peter Skands Fermilab A Complete Idiot's Guide to Hadron Collisions
Fri Jan 30 Itay Nachshon Cornell Hadronization, spin, and lifetimes
Wed Feb. 04 Raphael Flauger U. Texas, Austin On Slow-Roll Moduli Inflation in Massive IIA Supergravity with Metric Fluxes
Fri Feb 6 Philip Tanedo Cornell The Birds and the Bs: A case study of Bs to mu mu in the MSSM (pdf)
Wed Feb. 11 Gary Shiu U. Wisconsin, Madison Towards dS String vacua: Warped, Twisted, and Minimal (pdf)
Fri Feb 13 Joshua Berger Cornell Parameter counting in models with global symmetries (pdf)
Wed Feb. 18 Ben Freivogel Berkeley & LBL Eternal Inflation, Bubble Collisions, and the Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory (pdf)
Fri Feb 20 Itzhak Roditi Rio de Janeiro CBPF A dual path integral representation for finite temperature QFT (pdf)
Wed Feb. 25 Andrey Katz U. of Maryland Breaking the Dark Force (pdf)
Fri Feb 27 Yuhsin Tsai Cornell Leptogenesis with Composite Neutrinos (pdf)
Wed Mar. 04 Puneet Batra Columbia U. The Supersymmetric limit of Electroweak Symmetry Breaking (pdf)
Wed Mar. 11 David Morrissey Harvard Surprises in Dark Matter (pdf)
Wed Mar. 18 Spring break    
Wed Mar. 25 Andrzej J. Buras TU Munich Searching for New Physics with Rare Decays and CP Violation (pdf)
Fri Mar. 27 Bjoern Duling TU Munich Rare Decays in a Warped Extra Dimension with Custodial Protection (pdf)
Wed Apr. 01 Adam Falkowski Rutgers Unhiggs
Fri Apr. 3 Jiajun Xu Cornell Multifield inflation with a random potential (pdf)
Wed Apr. 08      
Fri Apr. 10 David Curtin Cornell A flavor protection for warped Higgsless models (pdf)
Wed Apr. 15 Zackaria Chacko U. of Maryland Supersymmetry in Slow Motion
Wed Apr. 22 Matthew Baumgart Harvard Non-Abelian Dark Sectors.
Fri Apr 24 Matt Kleban New York U. A Conformal Field Theory for Eternal Inflation
Wed Apr. 29 Patrick Fox Fermilab Leptophilic Dark Matter
| Wed May 06 | Itay Yavin | Princeton U. | Capture of Inelastic Dark Matter in the Sun |