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Particle Theory Seminars

Spring 2011

Date Speaker Institution Title
Wed Jan 26 David Simmons-Duffin Harvard Bounds on 4D Conformal and Superconformal Field Theories (pdf)
Wed June 1 Joachim Kopp Fermilab Mößbauer neutrinos and the quantum theory of neutrino oscillations (pdf)
Fri Jan 28 Ben Heidenreich Cornell Towards a local model of Kähler moduli stabilization (pdf)
Wed Feb 2      
Fri Feb 4 Flip Tanedo Cornell Warped Penguins: The Empire Strikes Back (pdf)
Wed Feb 9 Daniel Baumann IAS Inflating with Baryons (pdf)
Fri Feb 11      
Wed Feb 16      
Fri Feb 18 438 PSB Yuval Grossman Cornell Non-standard neutrino interactions (whiteboard talk)
Wed Feb 23 Josh Erlich William-Mary The Phase Diagram of Holographic QCD (pdf)
Fri Feb 25 Bibhushan Shakya Cornell Interpreting Indirect Signatures of Dark Matter (pdf)
Wed Mar 2 Tracy Slatyer IAS Double Bubble Trouble: Mysterious Extended Gamma-Ray Structures in the Milky Way (pdf)
Fri Mar 4 Clifford Cheung Berkeley Collider Probes of Dark Matter Genesis (pdf)
Thu 2pm Mar 10 Matthias Neubert Mainz High-precision predictions for Higgs and top-quark pair production at hadron colliders (pdf)
Fri Mar 11
1:30 pm in 438
Cliff Burgess McMaster U. & Perimeter Inst. Brane back-reaction, large volumes and small curvatures (blackboard talk)
Wed Mar 16 John Terning UC Davis Nonlinear Boundary Conditions and Unitarity
Fri Mar 18 Tomas Rube Stanford Supersymmetric bound states (pdf)
Wed Mar 30 Enrico Lunghi Indiana U Lessons for New Physics from CKM studies (pdf)
Fri Apr 1 Jing Shao Syracuse SUSY Digs Up a Buried Higgs
Wed Apr 6 JiJi Fan Princeton Renormalized CFT/Effective AdS (pdf)
Fri Apr 8      
Wed Apr 13 Mariangela Lisanti Princeton cancelled -- postponed to fall 2011
Fri Apr 15 Timothy Cohen Michigan On-shell constructibility of tree amplitudes in general field theories
Wed Apr 20 A. Liam Fitzpatrick Boston U. Effective Conformal Theories and Model-Building
Fri Apr 22 Scott Watson Michigan U. & Syracuse U. The Cosmological Moduli Problem - Revisited (pdf)
Wed Apr 27 Paul McGuirk U. Wisconsin, Madison Chiral matter wavefunctions in warped compactifications (pdf)
Fri Apr 29 Daniel Stolarski Maryland The Bestest Little Higgs
Wed May 4 Bogdan Dobrescu Fermilab Color-octet particles and the CDF dijet excess
Fri May 6 Thomas Grimm MPI Munich The N=1 effective action of F-theory on Calabi-Yau fourfolds
Wed May 11 Thomas Faulkner KITP Quantum phase transitions in holographic models of strongly correlated systems (pdf)
Fri May 13 Josh Berger Cornell A new CP violating observable for the LHC
Fri May 20 Iñaki García Etxebarria University of Pennsylvania Global models for branes at singularities